Draco Natural Products is a World Leader in the Manufacture and Supply of High Quality Botanical Extract Ingredients.

We service 3 key markets:

Dietary Supplements

Functional Foods & Beverages

Cosmetics & Personal Care



Full Spectrum Extraction

We specialize in Full Spectrum botanical extraction.  Our botanical extract ingredients are produced with a special iterative process that brings you the full spectrum of plant constituents in the balanced proportion that nature intended.

Action Synergized Extraction

Our Action Synergized™ extraction process is a proven methodology for producing botanical formulas.  All plant materials are combined before extraction to allow them to inter-react during extraction, resulting in a homogenous bioactive formula.

Whole Fruit & Vegetable Phytoextraction

We extract the whole fruit/vegetable in pure, clean, water, capturing the natural juices of the fruit. This type of extraction provides a full spectrum of constituents while preserving characteristic flavor and color.  


Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Plant materials are extracted in pressurized liquid CO2.  This method is very thorough in extracting a full spectrum of constituents in a closed system that preserves volatiles.  It is particularly good for preserving plant oil content, including essential oils.

Precision fermentation extraction

Precisely controlled fermentation processing creates new unique compounds, resulting in extracts with increased bioactivity and bioavailabilty, while enhancing taste, form and function for functional food products.

Integrated Processing

Draco’s cutting edge processing technologies can be combined to produce extracts with unique characteristics for your specialized needs.


From the seed in the ground to the final drum of extract product, Draco carefully checks, inspects, and traces every lot every step of the way. 


Draco Natural Products is a strong supporter of environmental sustainability and ecological balance.  We actively work to lower environmental impacts and increase conservation throughout our many practices, processes, products, and programs.

Ethical Wildcrafting

Over 70% of the plant materials that are used to make our extracts are ethically wildcrafted. We have a strict set of guidelines that our wildcrafters follow to preserve native stocks and steward natural ec0systems.

Sustainable Agriculture

When our plant materials are cultivated, we take great care to keep the cultivated land healthy, to minimize depletion or damage and maximize crop quality.

Panda Friendly Program

Draco is key player in the establishment and operation of the Panda Friendly products program that helps protect endangered Giant Panda habitats in central China

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