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Draco Headquarters in San Jose, CA

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Draco is committed to providing a superior level of technical assistance to help manufacturers produce the highest quality finished products possible.   We have a proven track record and reputation for trust and loyalty which has built and solidified our partnerships over many years, offering a variety of ways to make encompassing botanicals into any product easy.

Full time researchers are on staff, supported by an extensive in-house botanical database, to offer any sort of technical assistance required, as well as to provide our customers with access to the vast resources of the Shanghai Institute of Pharmacy.  Draco is also involved with the industry’s top botanical associations and is therefore kept apprised of all recent developments with regard to safety, efficacy, regulations, marketing, and many other areas.

Your partnership with Draco can help you build your line of products.  We offer:

  • A wide selection of preformulated products available for private label use.
  • Production of the formula of your choice, manufactured to your specifications
  • Solutions for your new product ideas
  • Technical assistance in new product development
  • Rapid turnaround and unmatched customer service.
  • Raw material sourcing of common and hard-to-find herbs.

Draco can also provide information on:

  • Herb pharmacology/actions
  • Custom formulating
  • Published clinical and pharmacological work
  • Herb interactions, contraindications, and toxicity
  • Manufacturing specifications (concentrations, mesh sizes, dosages, standardization issues)
  • Water solubility/dispersibility issues