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Skin care can be enhanced with the rich, full spectrum bioactives of botanicals. Inside – out solutions are vital to have truly beautiful, healthy skin which is a result of health from the inside out. That which is cared for both on the surface and from within, with proper care of the whole body helps define optimum skin health. How you appear on the outside is a reflection of your inner health.

So it is our philosophy that the first step in improving the health of the skin is to improve the health of the body systems that are responsible for creating and maintaining it. Skin wrinkles and sags as the body ages, due to a combination of factors including stress, poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, and exposure to cigarette smoke, sunlight, and pollution. Draco can help formulate a beauty system that treats the skin from both the inside, through supplementation, and from the outside, through topical application, which is the best for the beauty and longevity of the skin.

From a practical standpoint, we use the term Inside & Out to discuss our unique dual-mode-of-delivery system. You take a supplement internally (inside), and also apply a supplement topically (outside) to achieve the optimum result.

Botanicals can be fast acting, but safer and more balancing than single compound agents because of an orchestra of constituents that work together throughout the body. In that context, our inside ingredients help create the proper conditions within so that improved health can radiate to the surface, and our outside ingredients provide local direct skin therapy right where it is needed most.

Each of our formulas for a particular function is designed uniquely for its mode of delivery. For example, our Traditional Antioxidant Inside™ is a different formula than Traditional Antioxidant Outside™. This is because the skin as a transdermal supplement delivery system is a different nutritional environment than the digestive system.

Aging is a natural process that occurs both on the outside in the skin and on the inside on the cellular level. The rate your body ages is affected by many factors, including genetics, diet, the environment (sun exposure, air pollutants), sleep patterns, and bad habits such as excess alcohol intake, excess sugars, and cigarette smoking. To look and feel one’s best for the longest period of time, it is important to practice healthy dietary and sleep habits, and limit excess toxin and sun exposure.



Draco Natural Products is expert at formulating botanicals for antiaging used either in topical products for concentrated and direct Outside skin care, or as dietary supplements for Inside body care, or as an integrated system of both for antiaging Inside/Outside care. We also have access to labs and universities to test the formulas for efficacy.

With over 700 high quality botanical extract ingredients and formulas, we produce and supply a wide selection of effective antiaging ingredient products and formulas. Phytocompounds from fruits, vegetables, and herbs have been shown to protect against free radicals, toxins, and inducers of inflammatory pathways. Some botanicals have general tonic and vitality producing antiaging effects; others have a more specific therapeutic action, like inhibiting elastase, or boosting circulation. All of these can be used in either Inside or Out formulations.