Draco 25th Anniversary

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Draco 25th Anniversary 2020

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Draco Natural Products celebrates 25 Years of growth, innovation and success!

Draco Natural Products is proud to celebrate 25 years of growth, innovation and success in the manufacture and supply of 100% natural full spectrum botanical extract ingredients. We had our humble beginnings in San Jose, California in 1995 with the innovation of methodologies for producing extracts with a new level of quality: standardized to recognized markers with a full spectrum of constituents in the balanced proportions nature intended. Draco’s method of extraction remains at the forefront of natural ingredients production today in terms of quality, purity and safety. Our philosophy is to be able to offer customers “The best of Nature, Science, and Tradition” 

Technological innovation has been a cornerstone of Draco’s successful growth over the last 25 years. More recently, we have moved into new extraction technologies like Supercritical CO2 extraction and Fermentation extraction, which can even be combined with each other for advanced applications. Our production facilities adhere to world class standards in manufacturing, including certification to ISO9001, cGMP’s, HACCP, Kosher, Halal, and now GFSI.  All products are thoroughly analytically tested.  We also have some of the lowest bacterial plate counts in the industry due to our patented advanced sanitation technology.

Another part of the Draco philosophy is customization. We are experts at formulation, and can develop an innovative product solution for you that gives you a unique edge. With over 700 different extracts and a variety of production technologies, we can work with you to create something new. From vegetable extracts for beverages to elastase inhibitors for topical cremes, Draco has you covered.

Draco Milestones over the last 25 years