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Draco 25th Anniversary 2020

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Draco Natural Products celebrates 25 Years of growth, innovation and success!

Draco Natural Products is proud to celebrate 25 years of growth, innovation and success in the manufacture and supply of 100% natural full spectrum botanical extract ingredients. We had our humble beginnings in San Jose, California in 1995. Founders Jerry Wu and Jenny Zheng were armed with decades of research on Traditional Chinese Medicine in addition to knowledge in the traditional ways of preparing Chinese herbal remedies using water extraction.

They realized that there was an opportunity in the marketplace for pure, high quality extract ingredients based on traditional methods combined with modern pharmaceutical science. Along with a team of scientists, Jerry and Jenny were able to innovate methodologies for producing extracts with a new level of quality: standardized to recognized markers with a full spectrum of constituents in the balanced proportions nature intended. This method of extraction remains at the forefront of natural ingredients production today in terms of quality, purity and safety.

The philosophy behind Draco’s ingredient products is to be able to offer customers “The best of Nature, Science, and Tradition” We are very careful to honor nature, with about 70% of our over 700 products coming from ethically wildcrafted raw plant materials. The remainder that is cultivated comes from fields that are closely monitored for contaminants or are certified organic to worldwide standards. There is an emphasis on sustainable agriculture and the protection of the natural habitats and local communities where the plants grow.

Many of the scientists that work with Draco are trained both in modern pharmaceutical sciences as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine methods of herbal preparation. This provides them with the expertise to help us maximize efficacy, consistency, standardization, while preserving the natural proportions of chemical constituents. All these innovations were developed within the context of traditional pure water extraction.

Jerry and Jenny knew at the outset that they wanted to provide a high quality extract in its natural proportions made using the traditional teapot method employed for thousands of years in TCM. Because of advanced technology using controlled temperatures, pressure, and reiteration, they were able to achieve complete extraction using only pure water as is tradition. So the end result is an extract that can be used medicinally in the traditional way, but has the additional advantages of consistency and standardization.

This was and still is today a unique ingredient product offering. Herbalists and formulators enjoy the predictable traditional efficacy of the extracts as they have always been made with the additional assurance of standardization for predictable manufacturing and dosage tolerances.

Another part of the Draco philosophy is customization. We are experts at formulation, and can develop an innovative product solution for you that gives you a unique edge. With over 700 different extracts and a variety of production technologies, we can work with you to create something new. From vegetable extracts for beverages to elastase inhibitors for topical cremes, Draco has you covered.


To achieve the level of consistent growth and success Draco has over the last 25 years takes a dedicated team of professionals. While team members come and go like in most companies, the majority of our original team remains intact. Our research & development, marketing, sales, and production teams have worked together for twenty five years as the core of Draco’s operations.  This gives us the ability to offer consistent service backed by many years of experience for our customers. We are grateful for our original team Jenny Zheng, Mark Mandell, Pete Barnes, Bob Brosnan, Matt Humphrey, Brien Quirk, and Jerry Wu.

Draco now has over 150 employees worldwide.  At our facility in Shanghai, China, Draco has over 120 employees involved in the production and quality control of the extracts, scientific analysis, certification compliance, logistics, and scientific research on the pharmacognosical effects of plants. This team is also dedicated to the quality, safety, purity and consistency of Draco botanical extract ingredients.


Technological innovation has been a cornerstone of Draco’s successful growth over the last 25 years. As mentioned, at Draco, we combine the best of nature, science and tradition. This process involves discovering and studying the myriad gifts that are provided to us by nature, and developing products that stay on the cutting edge of the ever evolving science and technologies of extract production. All the while, we closely adhere to the age old traditions of pure water extraction and Traditional Chinese Medicine formulation principles.

We have always done our best to stay one step ahead in our technologies. We innovated Full Spectrum Standardized Herbal Extracts, which are standardized to recognized markers and have the full spectrum of chemical constituents in the balanced proportions that nature intended. To achieve that result using the traditional pure water extraction, we employed a proprietary reiterative process, extracting even stubborn constituents. We also innovated the Action Synergy process for making formulations using traditional methods combined with our full spectrum extraction. The herbs are combined before extraction as in a traditional tea pot, so that the raw materials can inter-react during extraction.

More recently, we have moved into new extraction technologies like Supercritical CO2 extraction and Fermentation extraction, which can even be combined with each other for advanced applications.

Our production facilities adhere to world class standards in manufacturing, including certification to ISO9001, cGMP’s, HACCP, Kosher, Halal, and now GFSI.  All products are thoroughly analytically tested.  We also have some of the lowest bacterial plate counts in the industry due to our patented advanced sanitation technology.

We led the industry when it came to the move towards organics. We were the first botanical extraction facility to have organic certification in China. We have also played a leadership role in ethical wildcrafting and sustainable agriculture, helping establish community programs like the Panda Friendly Project.

Ever since day one, we have been dedicated to making great botanical extract ingredients for your products. To do that, we listen carefully to what you need for your end products, and help you with ideas and product solutions that optimize your production process, and end product efficacy. Our technical services department is unique in the industry in terms helping you customize your ingredients to exact specifications so that they work flawlessly.  And if issues do arise, we are there to assist you in resolving them.

Our wish is for you to join us as working partners in success for the next 25 years and more!

Draco Milestones over the last 25 years