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Full spectrum extraction uses water to pull compounds out of botanical raw material. This process allows for more of the full range of water-soluble compounds compared to most conventional hydroethanolic extractions which leave behind the vital immune and antioxidant polysaccharides and other water soluble bioactives. This process will also extract lipid soluble compounds, though not highly concentrated, through the emulsifying and amphiphilic properties of the phytocompounds mixture.

This process involves extracting a mixture of botanicals together at the same time which enables synergistically interactions to occur between phytocompounds. This increases their solubility (extractability), and their bioactivity. In addition, the resulting extract powder is completely homogenous and does not require additional blending with separate extracts, which can sometimes result in an imperfect blend.

Draco was one of the first to achieve a completely organic certified facility, SQF II, GFSI, and ISO9001. We are also Kosher and Halal certified.

  1. Yes, we have over 200 ingredients that we can manufacture as fully organic.
  2. Our entire facility is organic certified, meaning you can be assured that even conventional extracts will be manufactured to the organic standard.

It is a mix of both, but sometimes more is from wildcrafted sources depending on the herb.

Yes, we can offer oils, fermented ingredients, organic glycerin, and non-GMO carriers.

    1. Draco can help create a custom product from a single ingredient perspective and from a formula perspective

                                                               i.      Single ingredient

        1. We manufacture to common standardizations and/or ratios accepted by the industry, but we can also modify the standard to meet your particular needs (i.e. different standardization, different ratio).

                                                             ii.      Formula/functionality

        1. We can help you innovate a custom product from a formula or functionality perspective as well. It’s important to not only create a highly functional product but also one that would stand out against competitors. Draco’s formulation team will help you innovate via both functionality and marketing, helping you create an unique product that will be differentiated in the saturated market today.  

Yes, Draco’s extracts are clean label for food and supplement ingredients, with no preservatives or chemical processing aids being used. For cosmetic or beverage ingredients, Draco can offer ingredients with or without preservatives depending on the customer’s requirements.

This allows combinations of one or more outputs from Draco’s different manufacturing processes to create new and innovative ingredients that can give a unique, proprietary advantage. For example, an ingredient could have a high concentration of lipophilic plant compounds from the CO2 process such as CBD, terpenes,  or lycopene, which could then be combined with water-extracted extract powders. Additionally, these could be fermented for enhanced bioavailability with the novel metabolites that are formed.

Yes, can offer some botanicals as CO2 extracts depending on their composition.

Draco is proud to have pioneered sustainability through a project with the World Wildlife Foundation to save and protect endangered pandas and other wildlife, while promoting a rich plant biodiversity. This panda preserve has been set aside in a vast natural habitat area in Southwest China that allows for sustainable planting and wildcrafting of indigenous herbs. Workers involved in this project are paid fair wages which gives them a vital stake in preserving the plant and animal species. In 2018, Draco received the sustainability recognition by EcoVadis. Learn more about the Panda Friendly Program here.

    1. We have a portfolio of over 500 single ingredients within the following categories:

                                                               i.      Mushrooms

                                                             ii.      Botanicals

                                                           iii.      Fruits & Veggies

                                                           iv.      Spices

    1. Formulas targeting various functionalities:

                                                               i.      Beauty

                                                             ii.      Immunity

                                                           iii.      Digestion

                                                           iv.      Others

White Peony (Paeonia spp.) Known as Bai Shao in Traditional Chinese Medicine, white peony is used traditionally to support healthy circulation and help ease painful conditions caused by blood stagnation and inflammation. Bai Shao tonifies the Blood and promotes Yin function, and nourishes the Liver while supporting the smooth flow of Qi.