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Beauty is a global obsession. The $160 billion worldwide cosmetics and personal care industry is a testament to just how important it is to maintain beautiful skin. While much of the industry is centered around cosmetics products that only work on the surface, there is a growing segment of the industry offering products that promise more than a pleasing façade. These functional cosmetics, or “cosmeceuticals”, offer true skin improvement for longer lasting beauty from the inside and out.

Cosmeceutical products are actually nothing new. For several decades, it has been possible to purchase lotions with Vitamin E that were intended to improve skin health. In fact, Nutrition Business Journal estimates that cosmeceutical products account for 17% of US body care retail sales. Some of these products, though, are of questionable value from the standpoint of functionality. Some “so-called cosmeceutical” products have been dusted with botanicals in sub-therapeutic amounts, often to cut costs on label claims.

This is where Draco Natural Products draws a line in the “dust”. At Draco, we take the concept of beauty from the inside & out very seriously. As a world class innovator in the manufacture of botanical extracts for supporting vibrant, whole body health, we feel that great cosmeceutical products must start with high quality, well researched, truly powerful, functional ingredients. We know that many botanicals can provide benefits that single compound ingredients cannot. We see a need in the cosmeceutical segment of the industry for products that truly provide functional natural skin care.

Our line of Vital Treasures™ Bioactive Botanical Ingredients is specifically designed to address this need and provide maximum functional benefit for all major areas of skin health.

What do we mean by Inside & Out?

Truly beautiful skin is a result of healthy skin – that which is cared for both on the surface and from within, with proper care of the whole body. How you appear on the outside is a reflection of your inner health. So it is our philosophy that the first step in improving the health of the skin is to improve the health of the body systems that are responsible for creating and maintaining it.

Skin wrinkles and sags as the body ages, due to a combination of factors including stress, poor nutrition, sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, and exposure to cigarette smoke, sunlight, and pollution. Ultimately, a beauty system that treats the skin from both the inside, through supplementation, and from the outside, through topical application, is the best for the beauty and longevity of the skin. This is what we mean at Draco by the “Inside & Out” approach to skin care.
From a practical standpoint, we use the term Inside & Out to discuss our unique dual-mode-of-delivery system. You take a supplement internally (inside), and also apply a supplement topically (outside) to achieve the optimum result. Botanicals can be fast acting, but safer and more balancing than single compound agents because of an orchestra of constituents that work together throughout the body. In that context, our inside ingredients help create the proper conditions within so that improved health can radiate to the surface, and our outside ingredients provide local direct skin therapy right where it is needed most.

Each of our formulas for a particular function is designed uniquely for its mode of delivery. That is, for example, our Traditional Antioxidant Inside™ is a different formula than Traditional Antioxidant Outside™. This is because the skin as a transdermal supplement delivery system is a different nutritional environment than the digestive system

Vital Treasures™ offer inside & out skin care support in 7 key areas:

Antioxidant:  Protecting the skin with powerful free radical scavengers
Examples: Tea, Pomegranate

Anti-inflammation: Reducing redness and swelling on the skin
Examples: Pine Bark, Licorice

Microcirculation:  Improving circulation to peripheral blood vessels
Examples: Gingko, Horse Chestnut

Cell Physiology: Enhancing total body cellular metabolism for improved skin
Examples: Astragalus, Goji Berry

Skin Matrix:  Supporting collagen and elastin matrix for supple firmness
Examples: Eucommia, Gotu Kola

Immunity:  Enhancing total body immunity to ease burden on skin
Examples: Astragalus, Ligustrum

Skin Tone:  Lightening and toning the skin
Examples: Mulberry, Sophora

Inside Ingestibles

Inside out beauty botanicals designed for ingestion work in many ways. Some work by stimulating new cell growth or increasing collagen and elastin production, others increase blood circulation or help tone underlying muscle tissue. Inside out botanicals can help repair cells and tissues, strengthen internal organs, aid detoxification, and improve overall physiology, which in turn benefits vitality and outside appearance. Inside out botanical products can be formulated to have a specific effect or can be designed to include multiple mechanisms for a deeper, more comprehensive effect on vitality and beauty.

Draco’s 100% natural full spectrum botanical ingredients for inside out beauty come from fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices and mushrooms. Fruits and vegetables are ready-made powerhouses of vitality that are important building blocks for a healthy body. They are also our best natural source of antioxidants like polyphenols, flavonoids, carotenoids, lignans, and other important anti-aging agents. Potent, nutritious, and functional, Draco’s Biovitality™ Fruit & Vegetable Extracts are effective ingredients for inside out beauty products.

Draco’s inside out beauty botanical extracts are available in carrier free, water soluble dry extract powder, and convenient liquid forms. They can be easily formulated into nutritious, tasty ingestible product forms like dry powder instant drink mixes, bars, chews, gummies, drink shots, beverages, and products dispensed in foil packages or stick packs. Our team of formulation experts can help you develop a wide range of ingestible beauty products.