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Product List: Action Synergized™ Formulations

Sunflower is a good source of vitamin E, magnesium, copper, zinc, and the antioxidant cardio-protective inositol hexaphosphate.

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Please use this list as a guide to find Action Synergized™ Formulas that we produce.  This is an abridged list and subject to change, so if there is a particular formula you are interested in and you do not find it on the list, please contact us.  We may have it, or have the capability of custom formulating it for you,  even though it may not be on this list.

ItemFormula NameApplication
D-01Herbal CalmHelps support healthy mood
D-02Stress FreeRelaxes, rejuvenates, nourishes
D-31Sleep & Relaxation IIPromotes nighttime relaxation and restful sleep
D-03Super NourisherPromotes rejuvenation and cellular repair
D-22,22AVital EnergyIncreases energy and overall vitality
D-32Vital Energy IIImproves energy and stamina
 Weight Loss & Detox 
D-04Liver DetoxHelps promote healthy liver detoxification; helps boost energy levels
D-19Weight LossSupports healthy weight
D-35HangoverPromotes healthy liver detoxification for faster recovery
 Joint and Musculoskeletal Health 
D-05Joint LubeHelps promote joint health, flexibility and integrity
D-06Bones & MusclesPromotes strength, supports bone health
D-27Joint ComfortPromotes cartilage health and integrity
D-44Women’s Bone SupportSupports healthy bone density in older women
 Sports Enhancement 
D-50Endurance Anti-HypoxiaSupports oxygen uptake in athletic performance
D-54Sports EnduranceSupports physiological processes for endurance in athletic performance
D-07Vital ImmunitySupports healthy immunity during the winter months
D-26Cold & Flu IIUsed for first signs of imbalance to boost immune system
D-16Vital RespirationHelps promote healthy respiration
D-57Immune Deficiency SupportHelps support immune function
D-46Bronchial SupportPromotes healthy, clear breathing
D-47Seasonal Sinus SupportSupports healthy sinuses and free breathing
 Women’s Formulas 
D-09Female BalanceHelps support and balance the female system
D-36Female Sexual FunctionPromotes healthy libido
D-29PMSTemporary relief from bloating, irritability; helps support healthy hormone balance
D-34MenopauseHelps promote hormonal balance and relieve symptoms associated with menopause
D-42PhytoestrogenHelps support healthy hormonal balance
 Male Formulas 
D-11Male BalanceSupports men’s physical and sexual energy
D-28Vital Prostate IISupports healthy prostate and urinary function
 Cognitive Support 
D-12Mental ClarityPromotes calm, clear thinking; supports brain health
 Digestive Support 
D-15Vital DigestionSupports healthy digestion and nutrient absorption
D-38IBSSupports healthy colon function and comfort
 Cardiovascular Support 
D-08Vital CardioPromotes a healthy cardiovascular system
D-41LDL Cholesterol SupportSupports healthy cardiovascular system; supports normal range cholesterol levels
D-53Blood Pressure SupportHelps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
 Eye Health 
D-14Visual AcuitySupports overall eye health and optimal vision
 Antioxidant Support 
D-40Antioxidant IIFull-spectrum antioxidant formula; helps maintain healthy cellular function
 Blood Sugar Support 
D-52Blood Sugar SupportSupports healthy blood sugar levels
 Healthy Skin 
D-43EczemaUsed topically to promote healthy skin
D-55Skin RejuvenatingNourishes and rejuvenates the skin
 Stop Smoking 
D-18Anti-SmokingHelps reduce cravings and supports healthy mood
 Pain Relief 
D-45Muscle, Joint and Head ComfortHelps provide soothing comfort and wellbeing to muscles, joints, head, and neck