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Product List: Action Synergized™ Formulations

Action Synergized™ Formulations are combined before extraction so that the individual botanical ingredients can inter-react during the extraction process. 

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Please use this list as a guide to find Action Synergized™ Formulas that we produce.  This is an abridged list and subject to change, so if there is a particular formula you are interested in and you do not find it on the list, please contact us.  We may have it, or have the capability of custom formulating it for you,  even though it may not be on this list.


Full Spectrum Action Synergized Formulas

ItemFormula NameApplication                                                                   
D-01Herbal CalmReduces anxiety & nervousness.
D-02Stress FreeReduces stress effects; maintains adrenal and immune function.
D-03Super NourisherPromotes rejuvenation and repair; increases overall vitality.
D-04Liver DetoxFor detoxification, healthy energy, immunity, and blood sugar stability.
D-05Joint LubeAnti-inflammatory; stimulates repair and lubricates movement.
D-06Bones & MusclesPromotes strength, muscle mass, bone density and repair.
D-07Vital ImmunitySupports healthy immunity and increased resistance to colds and flu.
D-08Vital CardioPromotes healthy circulation and blood pressure; strengthens the heart.
D-09Female BalanceBalances hormones; regulates cycle; replenishes and nourishes.
D-10AntioxidantProtects against free radicals.
D-11Male BalanceReduces impotence, fatigue, infertility; increases male hormone levels.
D-12Mental ClarityPromotes calm, clear thinking, and memory; sharpens perception.
D-13Sleep & RelaxationPromotes restful, deep, refreshing sleep; supports growth hormone release.
D-14Visual AcuitySupports clear, strong vision; reduces symptoms of visual fatigue.
D-15Vital DigestionSupports healthy digestion and nutrient absorption.
D-16Vital RespirationHelps breathing; eliminates asthma; promotes oxygenation of the blood.
D-17Sports EnhancerIncreases energy, endurance, and lactic acid clearance.
D-18Anti-SmokingReduces cravings and promotes calmness.
D-19Weight LossReduces appetite.
D-20Weight ManagementIncreases metabolism and improves fat digestion.
D-21Night MetabolizerIncreases weight loss through night metabolism.
D-22,D22aVital EnergyImproves energy and chi; increases stamina.
D-23Vital ProstateReduces inflammation, infection, and enlargement
D-24Cold & FluAntiviral; antibacterial.
D-25DiabetesLowers blood sugar; improves pancreas function; protects blood vessels.
D-26Cold & Flu IIReduces fever; inhibits influenza viral replication.
D-27ArthritisPromotes joint regeneration.
D-28Vital Prostate IIReduces prostatitis symptoms and frequency of urination.
D-29PMSLessens irritability, bloating, headaches; balances hormones.
D-31Sleep & Relaxation IIPromotes deep sleep and restores vigor.
D-32Vital Energy IIIncreases energy, vitality, and chi.
D-34MenopauseHelps maintain hormone function; reduces menopause symptoms.
D-35HangoverIncreases detoxification; promotes quick recovery; prevents lethargy.
D-36Female Sexual FunctionHarmonizes hormone balance; promotes healthy sex drive.
D-37Male Sexual FunctionSupports healthy sex drive; helps promote erections.
D-38IBSImproves bowel function.
D-40Antioxidant IIFull spectrum antioxidants from a variety of plant sources.
D-41LDL Cholesterol LoweringLowers LDL Cholesterol and triglycerides; helps protect cardiovascular system.
D-42PhytoestrogenReduces symptoms of menopause and dysmenorrhea.
D-43Eczema (Dermatitis)Used topically / promotes healing.
D-44OsteoporosisSupports healthy bone density.
D-45Pain ReliefAnti-inflammatory/analgesic/muscle spasm relief.
D-46Cough ReliefAntitussive (decreases cough);expectorant; demulcent (moistens throat).
D-47AntihistamineTreats nasal symptoms of seasonal allergies and hayfever.
D-48Weight ControlReduces fat synthesis & storage; promotes metabolism.
D-49Prostate PSA LoweringLowers PSA and may stimulate immunity and defenses in prostate cancer.
D-50Endurance-Anti-Hypoxia AthleticImproves endurance and work capacity during increased oxygen demand; helps with improved athletic performance by supporting cardiovascular,           pulmonary and metabolic function.
D-51Muscle BuildingPromotes the growth of stronger, bigger muscles through increasing anabolic metabolism; improves energy release during workout; inhibits muscle breakdown by promoting quicker recovery.
D-52Diabetes ControlHelps lower blood sugar by increasing the transport of glucose into cells and decreasing production of glucose by the liver.
D-53Hypertension ControlHelps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
D-54Sports EnduranceHelps with stamina, endurance and muscle recovery for high end athletes.
D-55Skin RejuvenatingNourishishes and rejuvenates the skin and underlying support tissue.
D-56Skin TonerAntibacterial, antifungal and cleansing properties help to restore healthy glow.
D-57Immune Deficiency SupportHelps to boost immune function and exerts an antiviral action.
D-58Breast EnhancementHelps the body’s hormonal levels to support healthy breast size.