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Balanced Herbal Combinations That You Can Help Design

As an herbal products manufacturer, it is important for you to bring products to market that are unique, both offering your customer a needed benefit not found elsewhere, and notching up your own competitive edge. What better way to do that than with your own signature herbal formula products?

Although many single herbs are truly amazing in the multiplicity of effects they exhibit, a properly made herbal formula can often do much more. The well-designed herbal formula can often work faster than a single herb and have deeper, broader, longer lasting effects, supporting multiple organs and tissues affected by a particular condition. But herbal formulation is a tricky business. With as many or more bad formulators out there as there are good, who can you trust to provide you with the very best formulations in terms of uniqueness, efficacy, safety and reliability?

Draco Natural Products, Inc. is the worldwide technology leader in the manufacture of Action Synergized Herbal Formulas™, which are combined before extraction to allow the herbs to “inter-react” during the extraction process. This synergistic method, traditional in China, allows the herbs to work together more efficiently in the human body. Combining the refined wisdom of 5,000 years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with modern pharmacognosy, our top-notch researchers are carefully producing some of the best formula extracts ever introduced in the American marketplace.

Custom formulation is our specialty.

What makes us unique is both our ability to work closely with you to understand your precise needs, and our expertise in translating those needs into a unique, balanced and efficacious solution. We can work with you in several interesting ways:

1.) Your Formula

You may bring us your own formulation which we can produce into a Full Spectrum Action Synergized™ Formula Extract using our unique technology. We can be instrumental in helping you manifest your own fully realized ideas. Think of the possibilities!

2.) Your Backbone

We can provide you with solutions to your formulation ideas. If you have ideas on the type of formula you would like to offer, or maybe some key ingredients that you would like to use, our expert team of formulators can use these ideas as a backbone to custom develop a formula extract for you. We’ll add support herbs and/or adjust proportions, to balance and maximize the synergy of the herbs for the desired therapeutic application.

3.) Your Concept

If you only have a structure/function in mind for your herbal ingredients product, we are ready to expertly develop a custom formula that would address that structure/function. Using the principles of TCM formulation layered with formal medical training, our formulators can combine and balance powerful herbs in such a way as to maximize efficacy and minimize side effects.

4.) Pre-formulated Extracts

A wide selection of pre-formulated extracts is ready for your brand management program. We have a fully researched line of ready-to-use formulas that have been produced with a particular structure/function in mind. Some of these formulas are already backed by pharmacological and clinical studies, with statistically significant positive results in supporting or ameliorating specific health conditions. They can be private labeled as made, or tweaked for your proprietary use, if you prefer.

5.) Technical Assistance

We can provide you with needed technical assistance in the development of your formula product. If you have questions about the pharmacological or clinical effects of individual herbs, or herb/herb and herb/drug interactions, our expert research staff can assist you with your questions.



What makes Draco the supplier of choice for superior formula extracts?

1.) Homogeneous

Our Action Synergized™ formula extracts are homogeneous. Every particle in a Draco formula extract comprises an identical makeup, allowing for greater manufacturing control. Gone are the hassle and unpredictability of mixing formula ingredient powders with varying mesh sizes and bulk densities. Settling and poor blending concerns are simply non-issues with our homogeneous formulas.

2.) Full Spectrum

With a proprietary low temperature extraction technology, our flagship line of Full Spectrum Standardized Herbal Extracts™ is standardized to recognized markers, but give you the full range of plant constituents in the balanced proportion that nature intended. We produce our formula extracts with the same technology, pulling the full range of even the most stubborn constituents into the extract through iterative herb marc exhaustion.

Because of this, gone are your worries about disproportionate constituent representation, such as in formulas that were produced in confusing “ratio-dependent” hydro-alcohol solutions. Our unique extraction technique, accurately reproducing “nature’s balance,” enables a quantum leap beyond previous limitations of formulation development in the industry.

3.) Batch to Batch Consistent

After processing the first formula run, carefully exhausting all herb marc, we use HPTLC (High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography) to determine an exact fingerprint of the formula. This provides a baseline for precise process control on later production runs. Each run is then monitored with HPTLC and compared to insure that it is within tight formulation tolerance limits.

4.) Pure Water

All of our herbal formulas are extracted in clean, pure, natural water. This safe, natural method of processing means that you don’t have to be concerned about residues that may be left behind from industrial solvents like hexane, alcohol, or acetone.

6.) Carrier Free

We don’t use excipients or carriers such as cornstarch, maltodextrin, or herb marc in our formulas, unless it is part of your spec. Draco formulas are pure extract. Beverage manufacturers love the super low residue properties of these extracts for a myriad of beverage applications. Food and Cosmetic manufacturers are excited about finally getting an herbal raw material that provides optimal therapeutic efficacy with minimal structural interference.

7.) Quality

We’re absolute sticklers for quality. All of our products are produced with the esteemed ISO9001 standard as the base minimum level of quality. Our manufacturing facilities are also GMP and Kosher Certified. The bottom line is: our aim far exceeds superior quality. We are here to provide you with true world class product excellence.

Action Synergized Formulas
If ready-made formulas suit your needs, we also produce our full line of Action Synergized™ Formulas for a wide range of popular applications.  Based on modern science and age old TCM formulation principles, Action Synergized Formulas are proven effective, and finely balanced for modern lifestyles.

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Just how does formulation in Traditional Chinese Medicine work anyway?

The method of herbal combination that is key to understanding formulation in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is represented by the Four Responsible Roles. The herbs are combined in such a way that each herb plays a significant role in making the remedy fit the patient’s physiological needs with precision.

The principal active herb in the formula, known as the “King” or “Emperor” herb, is aimed at the root cause of the ailment or symptom and is usually the most potent herb in the formula. A “Minister” herb is added, whose role it is to assist, complement, and potentiate the “King”, often bringing the formula broader efficacy.”Assistant” herbs are added specifically to counteract any toxins or potentially negative side effects of either the “King” or “Minister” herbs. Finally, “Servant”herbs function to harmonize and balance the actions of the other herbs, promote rapid absorption, and help prolong the effects of the formula.

It is important for every herb in the formula to be added in a particular proportion to the other herbs, according to the individual energetics of each herb. This ensures that the formula is properly balanced so that it provides optimum benefit and few if any side effects or accumulated toxicity.


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