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Draco Natural Products is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality Full Spectrum Standardized botanical extract ingredients.

World Class Manufacturing

Globally Accepted GMP, SQF, GFSI, ISO 9001-2015, HAACP, Kosher, and Halal Certified Manufacturing with extensive analyitical testing

Custom Ingredients

We can produce unique botanical extracts and formulas to your most exacting custom specifications using a range of advanced processing and formulation technologies.

Certified Organic Extracts

Procesing facilities, vast plant cultivation areas, and a full product line of extract ingredients are fully certified organic to both USDA NOP and EU EC334/2007 international standards

Sustainable Practices

Plant materials are sustainably cultivated or ethically wildcrafted to reduce environmental impacts. Draco also actively participates in the Panda Friendly Products program.

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Milk Thistle (Sylibum marianum) – The seed contains silymarin which is a powerful hepatoprotective constituent.  It can be used to detoxify and tonify the liver.  It is also rich in taxifolin which has potent antioxidant effects.

Draco is your first choice for botanical extract ingredients! Call us today!

Since 1995, Draco Natural Products has been a world leader in the supply of exceptional quality botanical extract ingredients for the nutritional supplements, functional foods, OTC, and personal care markets. Our products include over 400 herbal extract ingredients from single species sources, a full line of preformulated formulations, a full line of premium liquid herbal extracts, and a full range of fruit and vegetable extracts.

We have developed a proprietary extraction process which allows us to deliver extracts that are truly in a class of their own. Our Full Spectrum Standardized Herbal Extracts™ are standardized to recognized markers and give you the full range of plant constituents in the balanced proportion that nature intended. It is unique for an herbal extract manufacturer to offer products that both honor the wisdom of nature, and satisfy the exacting standards of the scientific community in the same product.

Draco is headquartered in San Jose, CA where we maintain our executive and sales offices as well as a warehouse of inventory for convenient shipping to domestic locations. Our herbal ingredient processing takes place in our own state-of-the-art 7 building 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility.  To ensure quality, our entire campus is ISO 9000 certified, Kosher certified, and Organic certified. Our facilities and procedures also adhere to international GMP guidelines.

Our sales and marketing team is located both in our San Jose headquarters office and throughout the US to better serve our customer base. Our technical support team is located in the San Jose headquarters to provide you with answers to your most vexing botanical ingredient related questions.

While we are just less than 2 decades old as an ingredient supplier, our history goes much farther back than that. Scientists and engineers that later became the core of Draco’s technical team began working on the principles of Full Spectrum Standardized herbal extraction as early as the 1980’s. In the early days our scientists worked with the renowned Shanghai Medical Institute to develop these concepts. These ideas were developed in the early 1990’s into technology that was ready for full scale deployment by 1995.

However, all of this is still recent history. The basis for our understanding of herbal extraction and formulation truly goes back into the mists of time as we draw on over 5,000 years of accumulated wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. TCM is a system of medicine that has woven a continuous thread through the culture of China, building over the centuries and millennia into a comprehensive empirical system of diagnosis and healing.

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