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Sunflower is a good source of vitamin E, magnesium, copper, zinc, and the antioxidant cardio-protective inositol hexaphosphate.

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Draco’s Full Spectrum Beauty Beverage Extracts provide powerful functional effectiveness for your formulas. They are designed to nourish, heal, rejuvenate and support the skin in specific ways, or perhaps provide needed help with skin lightening, collagen building, anti-aging, antimicrobial applications, and anti-acne. They are also great for hair care and oral care products. They are scientifically tested for potency for reliable physiological effects.


Draco Full Spectrum Beauty Beverage Extracts are in a convenient, easy-to-use liquid form. They are easy to measure, easy to blend, concentrated, shelf stable liquids with batch-to-batch consistency that you can rely on.


We produce our beauty beverage extracts with our 100% natural proprietary full spectrum extraction process using the best botanical raw materials nature has to offer, extracted in pure clean water. Draco’s full spectrum extraction brings you the full range of plant compounds while preserving the original balanced proportions that nature intended.


Because we extract our botanicals in pure water, there is no chance of chemical solvent residues or concentration of toxic compounds that may occur in conventional industrial extractions. Many steps are taken to ensure product safety. Our manufacturing follows strict food GMP’s, we are ISO9001 certified for quality, and our operation is certified organic to both USDA NOP and EU guidelines. Because of this, many of our extracts are certified organic as well. For extra measure, our liquid extracts are also certified Kosher and Halal.

Additionally assuring safety, we make sure all extracts undergo rigorous analytical testing for constituent assay (HPLC, HPTLC, UV), moisture, bulk density, heavy metals (USP methods), pesticides, and microbiological plate counts. Because of our unique process, microbial plate counts are some of the lowest in the industry.


Draco’s technology is based on the traditional teapot method of brewing herb teas with hot water which has long been used in preparing traditional Chinese herbal medicines. Water extraction pulls out and preserves flavonoid glycosides, polysaccharides, water soluble alkaloids, and other nutrients found in herbs, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.

Whole Fruits and Vegetables

We use a unique process to produce our fruit and vegetable beauty beverage extracts. By first pressing the fruits and vegetables, we obtain the juices, followed by full spectrum extraction of the remaining plant material to capture valuable compounds from stems, seeds, and peels. The resulting Whole Fruit or Vegetable Phytoconcentrate is rich in natural plant compounds, nutrients, minerals, aromas, and colors that can be very nourishing to the skin.

Organic Certification

Draco is firmly committed to Organic Certification. It helps our customers by ensuring clean natural chemical-free products, and it helps preserve the land where the plants are grown or are found. We work closely with our farmers to help them achieve and maintain organic certification, and provide them with a direct market for their crops. Our manufacturing facility is certified organic to both USDA NOP and European EC 834/2007 standards so that crops that start out organic result in extracts that are too.


We do our best to keep our environmental impact to a minimum by adhering to a robust set of sustainability practices.  Two thirds of the plants we use to make extracts are ethically wildcrafted. Much of our cultivated stock is certified organic, or naturally and sustainably grown. We recycle the water used in production, and even the used plant material is put back into the fields for crop fertilization. We also participate in sustainability projects, like the Panda Friendly program, that benefit animal conservation, agricultural sustainability, and community fair trade.

Advanced Technologies:

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Supercritical fluid CO2 extraction is a clean, safe process for creating high purity plant oils, essential oils, and other lipid soluble extracts using supercritical fluid carbon dioxide as a solvent. The resulting extract from our CO2 process has higher purity, is completely microbe-free due to the effects of high pressure, is low in heavy metals and low in oxidation, and has no high temperature damage to sensitive components.


Draco offers beauty beverage extracts that have undergone controlled fermentation to produce unique and valuable compounds, and enhanced properties from the original living plant cells. A Draco fermented liquid extract is a good source of high purity bioactive metabolites, vitamins, amino acids, and organic acids. Fermented extracts are often more bioavailable, more soluble, and have improved function and flavor.